Real time reporting

Our real-time reporting system is user-friendly, innovative and allows for a seamless operation between our staff and our clients and provides many advantages: real-time employment tracking so we always know where they are; time monitoring; images of displays and stands, competitor activity information and detailed information on product assortment and product registration. In this case, the order is sent directly to the sales point or to your company, or both.

Further,  data collected is available in real-time for consultation and report preparation. Upon accessing the specific database through our portal, you will be able to create, modify and download useful statistics taking into account the necessary information you need to have a quick market snapshot.

This system is highly customizable, can export information through shared google calendar, for example, or to spreadsheets that can be updated in real-time for order management or even generate forms that could be completed by multiple users simultaneously.

Documented advantages

  • User-friendly data management
  • Highly customizable
  • Direct monitoring of implemented activities
  • Data sharing and integration